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Western AMZ Logistics

Western AMZ Logistics is created by a team of highly experienced Amazon FBA sellers to better serve the need of FBA sellers in Canada. We use the expertise we have gained handling our private label to process and handle your products. You can be reassured that we got you covered knowing that your products going to various FBA fulfillment centers in Canada are properly prepped to meet Amazon requirements. 



Western AMZ Logistics - WAL was created out of the need to better serve FBA sellers selling in Canada. Like you, we were unable to find the perfect warehouse in Canada that renders all the services we need to continue to grow. That is the reason WAL was created to ensure FBA sellers have the services they need to continue to grow in Canada.


We have in-depth knowledge of eCommerce and FBA and our goal is to help you succeed. We take the load off you by doing all your prep the right way and storing your products when the need arises. We proactively identify problems and provide you solutions all the way, talking that load off you so you can focus on other things.


We offer services that include FBA product prep, incoming shipment receiving, storage, shipping to Amazon warehouses, receiving Amazon returns, etc. We also work with you for any services not listed to meet your need. 


When you need a trusted partner to help grow your eCommerce and Amazon business in Canada, Western Amz Logistics (WAL) is your best choice.  

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